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I have seen Anne Holve many times over a few years. She has helped me with various issues all of which have been resolved. She is an insightful, intelligent and compassionate hypnotherapist and I would highly recommend her.

Saskia Spencer – Medical Secretary

Anne's insightful CBT and relaxing hypnotherapy sessions helped my anger, depression and stress at a difficult transition in my professional and personal life. Her collaborative approach in CBT helped me understand and begin to deal with the cycle of my emotional, behavioural and relationship patterns. It was a real education...and effective. Hypnotherapy complemented this by reaching a completely different level of awareness, reduced stress, and grounded me in a surer sense of myself. The lasting beneficial effects of my sessions with Anne include a calmer self-confidence and vitality. I'm now well on my way with the next phase of my life and new business. Thank you, Anne.

Name withheld, London N10

When I was going through an extremely difficult emotional period in my life, Anne's constant support was like a star to guide me. Anne is able to transmit reliability in a warm and friendly way. The CBT therapy technique works and makes a difference, helping someone to open up new paths of thinking instead of continuing with old destructive habits.

Bridget Mcconnell – Playwright

Anne has not just helped me but other members of my family through some tough times. Her technique of relaxing and unwinding her clients is achieved through being really focused on you and having the most soothing voice. I could not recommend her highly enough both personally and professionally.

Andrew Coker – Communications Consultant

Anne's patient and kind approach enabled me to talk freely and comfortably and allowed me to explore and express things I hadn't previously felt able to. In the midst of an emotionally turbulent time in my life, my sessions with Anne were an anchor.

Morwenna Johnston

I have to say you helped me tremendously with a really hard part of my life and I’m not sure how I would have handled my ’situation’ without your incredibly wise and practical guidance. You helped me gauge what was important and how to tackle my problem in the most reasonable way and I was and still am proud of the way I handled it. So thank you!

Name withheld

A very sensitive, perceptive approach to things/patients, and a very effective result.

Lord Sudeley

I went to Anchor Hypnotherapy earlier this year for smoking cessation therapy as I was smoking about 20 cigarettes a day. I found the session very helpful. First, Anne Holve discussed my addiction and what triggers led me to smoke, plus alternative things I could do when I felt the urge for a cigarette.She also looked at the reasons why I wanted to give up at that particular time. Then I had hypnotherapy to reinforce the message about not smoking. I found the therapy very helpful, enabling me to stop smoking without the need for nicotine patches.I would recommend Anne Holve as an experienced and attentive therapist who has excellent skills that could be of great help with a number of health- and addiction-related problems.

Hannah Nemeth - Journalist

Anne has always helped me with different stages in my life, fearful of height and weight loss hypnotherapy. I have always found my sessions with Anne relaxing, inspiring and powerful in helping towards my goals and changing my life positively.

Nadine Mendoza

The CBT practise has not only completely changed my outlook and approach to life for the better but has provided me practical techniques and tools to take away and work with everyday.

Cloe Cassandro

Anne Holve provides a caring, calm and thoughtful clinical service that I recommend highly.

Dr Mark Zuckerman, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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